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About Bali Yoga School

Bali Yoga School is one of the oldest and most renowned Ashtanga and Hatha yoga schools in Bali, Indonesia.

We have a team of experienced and highly qualified yoga teachers in Bali who guides the students in their yoga learning journey. Our school is nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Bali and offers a peaceful haven for yoga practitioners to connect with nature and their inner selves.

We began our journey only with a few students. Today, our Yoga Alliance-certified school in Bali continues to carry the energy and spirit of those who seek spiritual enlightenment in this stunning location. We are committed to upholding the rich history and tradition of yoga by imparting our knowledge to students from around the world and empowering them to live a healthy and spiritually fulfilling life.

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Our Mission

At Bali Yoga School, our mission is to provide a transformative and enriching yoga experience to students from around the world. We believe in the power of yoga to heal the body, calm the mind, and nourish the soul. Through our comprehensive curriculum and experienced teachers, we aim to invest in our students a deep understanding of yoga philosophy and practice.

In addition, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive community that fosters personal growth and spiritual evolution. Our mission is to spread the wisdom of yoga to every corner of the world and empower individuals to live a life of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. Bali Yoga School aims to provide tools and environments for inspiration, insight, and transformation. We honor the journey of self-discovery that each student undertakes.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a world-renowned center for yoga education in Bali, known for our commitment to quality, authenticity, and innovation. We think of a world where yoga is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or cultural background. We aspire to create a community of yogis committed to personal growth and the betterment of society. Our idea is to be at the forefront of yoga education, using the latest tools and techniques to enhance the learning experience for our students.

We aim to promote yoga practitioners who radiate light, love, and wisdom. People who follow their dharma see beauty in each moment and contribute to the greater good through acts of service. People who find meaning and purpose through living fully, loving deeply, and expressing their truth. So, we believe that yoga awakens us to our authentic nature and gifts us with a deeper understanding.

Closing Lines to Commence a New Chapter

In-depth knowledge

After gaining an in-depth knowledge in the fields of Yoga and the Vedic realm with ceaseless commitment for the past two decades, Shivaji has taken on the incredible task of imparting this pure, ancient and priceless knowledge for the wellbeing of the common man. One is assured that his work in the world will continue to yield the fruits of success for years to come. Om Shanti.

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